Morning rain Mourning
Rain sobbing like a cold puppy
Rain like needles stitching a shroud
Mending the rent garment of my life
Washing it to make it new

My poems all rained upon
Asif my lovers wept over my letters
It should have rained poems over the world
My poems sobbing like a cold puppy

My children laugh
They do not know everything i do is for them
They are the rain refreshing the world
They are the needles piecing together
                    my rent body

The words you drink are not wine
                    but blood

The tears you see are not water
                    but wine

Everyone comes to eat my body
Everyone comes to drink my soul
Everyone is hungry for a body
Everyone is thirsty for a soul

I left a poem on a gage
As a mark of my passage through this earth
My children search me on this page burning
I have opened my eyes to become the Sun

Hoshang Merchant
Parsi New Year 1999

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