Boy or Khadé Land pe Dhokha
(Beddis Beach, Famagusta)

He stood on the jetty
A farmboy with a matinee idol's pout
I saw him and smelt sand and watermelons
Adonis must've thus stood on the strand
His chin had a dent
He smelt all of fish and stars in shoals
(It was noontide)
I was in shallows
Our eyes met
He checked his crotch and then his wallet
I felt shy
I was treading water below
He high on the jetty
Like a prowhead of some stranded boat
He took poses like a statue
human enough to suppress his desire
He smoked    rippled his muscles    looked out to sea
If there be love, let it be...
Took off his shirt    buried his wallet and cigarettes in sand
He felt free
And took a long walk barefoot
Turning back to see
I thought he searched an old poet
But his practised eye had fished out of the blue
Not just one mermaid but two.  

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