[for Srinu 18 September 1991]

"We must love one another / Or die" - W H Auden

Why in hiding my friend
Come out
Why in hiding?

In the red of the wine
Speak out
Friend     pledge eternal truth

Why in hiding my mind
from the friend
Why in hiding?

Stand    under-
my mind    stand
before the friend
In the seed of the grape
ring out

. . .    Shadow may not touch
leaf may not touch
air may not touch
friend may not touch friend...

Words of the friend
Spring out
of the clouds
of a single drop
for the oyster-belly
a pearl
for a string to the world
send out
circling two arms
like lines        Gently
around the waist
of the world
send out        Fried
Worlds without words
Speak out      Mind
from the mind of the heart
seek out        Friend
Love of the world make out...

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