About the Author

Hoshang Merchant, born 1947 in Bombay, left it at 20 to travel to the States for a Ph.D. He lived in Los Angeles a year and then in the Mid-West for six years. His Ph.D. is from Purdue University, Indiana. In the States he has lived in Chicago and visited New York. He went to London and travelled to Paris and Rome, his favourite cities, besides Greece. He worked eight years in the Middle East: four in Iran (Tehran, Isfahan, Kermanshah) and four in Jerusalem and Nablus (West Bank). He has also lived with the Tibetans and with German hippies in the mid-70's. His favourite place on earth is Darjeeling. He's single and lives now in Hyderabad, a city which gives him poems. His first book of verse, Stone to Fruit, appeared from Writers Workshop in 1989; and a literary study Anais Nin: Indiscretions (WW), the next year.

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