Last Evening in Binnaguri: 12/6/01

Summer's end
And the first autumn rain
I drink in the last evening
With the air and the rain
Tea and toast is only a mortal ritual
before this elemental parting
of sea and cloud
Over a sea of peaks it rains
in Sikkim
The moutain sides begin to churn
like oceans
Lives too
And loves
I stand in silence at love's door
(I've already wasted too many words)
I see two kinds of mango
intertwine            One fruit
Distinctly two
in rain and shine
I see the water pump drip
pathetically within this torrential rain
I hear the silence I heard at 16 again
When I decided to choose words
That is I chose to flee life
Writing poems smelling of other poems
All our lives we save ourselves
from the mortal enemy
Who will save us from the hurt of our mortal friends?

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