Fragment (On Time)

Play again you singing humming bird
at the flower's throat
While the lightning flashes
And the sea recedes, a green streak
        in the distance

The flower dies for you
Yielding its honey
And you die in your life
of intense honey-gathering
Standing still like hummingbirds
Beating your wings in the air

And the sea recedes
To strike land again some time
And I feed you: One drop at a time
Honeybirds should not die I say
And the flowers bloom in lavish display
And the rain comes down
And the blooms crash to the ground
And I hang on your neck and weep
Time! Time! This Time!
Everything is born and dies in time
Give me more time! I say
And I'll prove my love, this time
We met in time and again
After a time we'll part
But we can love only in time
Not out of it

The poem stands out of time:
The flower's neck        jewelled
The hummingbird's throat
The distilled nectar and the wine
The sea's green receding line

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