9 November 1995

12 noon: Chopin on the two-in-one
But a violent Indian afternoon
does not transport me to a temperate France
He arrived at dawn
He'd ridden bikes all night
He was frightened of losing me to death
But he rides nights unafraid to die
Laxma's daughter weds
I sleep all morning by my friend
Would you attend a wedding if your spouse was absconding?
His illiterate grandmother grumbles at his new rudeness
We two always exchange forgiveness
Even Anais left Paris for rude Arizona forests
to live with a young lumberjack
(culture's goldenboy who wed mother)
I am trying to recreate Paris in the tropics
A doomed enterprise
Paris sleeps before me
His heaving chest a dormant volcano
Between his legs his sex is pressed in sleep
Between sleep and wake he encourages this poem
We two dream of living together    (And I, no Helen)
I am trying to create a gay scene    But
My lover will brook no other
His family will not brook me
He knows no other love than family
something not mine to take or give
We pass up a wedding feast for bread and cheese.

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