Aap ki Farmaish

Why does AIR broadcast Aap ki Farmaish
at a loo-ridden 2 pm across the dusty plains of Hindustan?
The rosefragrance mingles with the khus from the reed-curtain
The air bleeds nostalgia / Fingers get cut as respectable women
become forgetful Zuleikhas peeling pomergranates for some forgotten Yusuf
The afternoon becomes silver: woven like moonlight
beside some Kashmir stream where Asha imitates Lata
imitating Saira telling Shammi Kapoor not to leave not to
                                                       leave just yet
As I become the 16 year old Saira again whithout my beard all over again
being wooed by a drunk Major imitating Dev Anand
                                                       in the 8.10 local every single morning....
The world is full of song

Forget the poverty / And come!

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