The Wedding Ring

This is the last poem
        it should've been the first
I write in tears
        it should've been in joy

He came to me
        I thought to Eden
        It was all Adam and maiden
I thought to teach, to learn

But the fathers had already
        muddied the waters
The mothers were silenced
The whores reigned

The children were exiled
        from Paradise again and again
I was father and mother
I who thought to husband
                    -- and wive

Someone else is present
        at the moment of love
The love that did NOT happen

Someone else is love
        in someone else's body

Forgive the rod
        that splits open the back
Where is love that moves
        the world?

I am imprisoned in the dark
The moment of mis-conception

I thought to be seed and fruit
I thought to be gardner and tree
He taught me love

Words are not beautiful
        Silence IS

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